“Eating out”, sitting in cafés or dining in a restaurant, are among the most available and most enjoyable pastimes. For cafés and restaurants, food and drinks of all kinds in a variable price range so that everyone, without much effort, will easily find “his place”. The design of restaurants and cafés adds to the delicious experience and the service experience – the whole atmosphere! And more than once, that desired experience is the one that attracts the customers the first time – and even makes them come back again and again.

Breakfast or a light evening drink?

The time of day when the diners arrive is of great importance. Therefore, we will devote significance to the subject throughout the entire process of planning a café or restaurant and the design of restaurants and cafés. In the morning, we would like a sunny and bright morning atmosphere – which we would prefer to create with as much natural light as possible. Even in the design of a restaurant for an elegant lunch or dinner, the most flattering lighting is chosen, which suits the restaurant’s character to the diners, like most of the events that take place during these hours.

Restaurant and café design – trendy, classic and more

Trendy or classic is one of the recurring questions in the design world. Like her, debates between homey and warm and urban, colourful or neutral and more – come up repeatedly. The good news is, all options are correct! According to the nature of the business and its owners, the heart of the customers and the general vision – this is also how all café and restaurant planning will be done and of course, everything related to the design of restaurants and cafés.

The Seating complex – the most pleasant there is!

A seating area, such that customers will enjoy staying in it, is no less important than the food itself and the service! After all, the Seating complex significantly affects the whole atmosphere! When planning a café or restaurant, we will emphasize the size of the seating area so that it will be practical enough for the comfort of the staff and all customers but with maximum utilization of the space. In the design of restaurants and cafés, which will accompany the ideal size and practicality, we will emphasize the visibility of the premises, the comfort of the furniture, desirable colours, an attractive feeling of warmth and more!

Fast food restaurant design – with or without a seating area?

Alongside the classic cafes and restaurants, we will not forget the fast food, which is becoming more and more popular in the restaurant world! When designing fast food restaurants, first of all we will make sure that the restaurant, by its name, can deliver the food quickly – with a practical and comfortable design. Also, we will invest in all the small details at the counter and the checkout area – the first impression and the place where the food order is made. If the design of fast food restaurants includes a seating area, we will of course design it in such a way that it will create a desire to sit there for a long time. Even if, naturally, the customer will not stay there for long hours, it will definitely encourage him to visit the restaurant again!

Restaurant interior design, cafe design and more – Open Box

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