Everything you wanted to know about designing commercial spaces

When was the last time you walked into a store and said “wow”? Have you sat down in a café or restaurant, and the look of the place was the one that caught your eye? Just as home design took the world by storm, more and more businesses invest in commercial or commercial space design – for diverse purposes such as creating a pleasant atmosphere, branding the company and attracting customers, or turning the business into a real home!

Of course, as there are many differences between the various businesses, so also commercial design changes according to every need of the business or its customers. Stand design is different from store design; between the design and planning of cafés and restaurants to the design of bakeries, there are many differences, and the list goes on – but the moment we want to create the ideal space, the important highlights and the professional work all along the way, certainly remind each other!

So, what will we focus on in planning and designing commercial spaces? And how do we choose the most suitable design for each space? All the answers are in front of you!

Know the area

When we say “know the area” we mean in-depth knowledge, as we know the back of our hands! The environment and the place where our commercial space is located is not only a source of inspiration for the entire design – it contains quite a bit of strategy. Before any process of designing commercial spaces, we will thoroughly research everything related to the environment – we always want our store, office, café or bakery, for example, to be more impressive than those of the competitors, more prominent and more inviting.

At the same time, we cannot ignore the fact that the business must belong as naturally as possible to the environment in which it is located, suitable for the target audience, the future customers – and no less important, the business must transmit the message we wanted to convey and look exactly as we always dreamed! It is definitely a big challenge, but comprehensive research and in-depth analysis before the actual design will turn every challenge into a possible goal and a feasible goal!

Meet the needs of the business.

After getting to know the area, the competitors and everything that surrounds the business – it’s definitely time to look inside! The design of commercial spaces places great emphasis on practice and responding to the various needs of both the business and its customers:

Designing and planning cafés and restaurants, for example, emphasizing atmosphere, and comfort and creating the ideal hospitality experience – so that it will accompany the service you strive to provide and of course, the rich dishes that will be served there.

With the design of booths, known as small commercial spaces, we will create an eye-catching display that will make anyone who did not necessarily plan to look at the booth, or purchase one of its products, stop and consider it.

Even in-store design or bakery design, we will, of course, invest in the display and the showcase – and we will choose a commercial strategy that will make it easier to maintain order and organization, always! At every moment when the business works and serves its customers.

Maintain aesthetics

Alongside the practice and as an inseparable part of commercial design – aesthetics are critical for any business! To create an aesthetic space that is pleasing to the eye, it is necessary to pay the utmost attention to all the small details: the natural light throughout the hours of the day to the artificial lighting, air conditioning and the correct utilization of the various infrastructures, precise matching of the furniture and the multiple items to the size of the space and more.

In addition, we will take into account the natural wear and tear of each of the design elements and the furniture – and choose the highest quality and most durable raw materials. The various items we choose to use in the design of commercial spaces will match each other and add to the place and the feeling in it – therefore, we will always try to avoid “overloading” and alongside aesthetics, we will be careful about practicality and elegance.

Add creativity, uniqueness and colour

In addition to aesthetics, you can’t ignore the colours and colours in the design of commercial spaces! For every space and business, the colour and colours that will suit and compliment it – when the possibilities for creativity, a unique touch, interest and differentiation, as well as creating a unique atmosphere through the use of colours are endless!

With a professional eye, we choose not only the colours themselves but also the most accurate and suitable shades – for lighting, furniture, the various items and everything that is in the space itself.

Designing commercial spaces – much more than a first impression

“You only make a first impression once” is a saying that is important to remember. Booth design, store design, bakery design, café and restaurant design and planning, similar to home styling or office design – are a fun and safe way to create that long-awaited and special impression!

We at Open Box plan, create and design pavilions and commercial spaces – in Israel and worldwide. We will be happy to offer solutions, develop ideas, research, plan and realize every vision of you and your business! We invite you to contact us for more information about commercial space design and any of our services.