Designing a sales booth in the mall

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    Designing a sales booth in the mall

    Your business has grown, and you want to expand to more customers. You have decided to open a branch of your business in the mall, but you are debating whether to rent a store or open a sales stand.

    The decision whether to open a store or a sales stand has several considerations that need to be taken into account:

    The type of business and its needs – if it is an intimate clothing store, for example, it will sometimes be necessary to have stock available and allow buyers to measure the clothes in private measuring rooms, so we will prefer a store. On the other hand, if it is small jewellery, you can be satisfied with the stand.

    Location in every commercial centre, there are areas that are considered “stronger”, meaning that they have a more significant natural movement of people compared to other places. For example, the lower floors closest to the entrance gates will be busier, and the shops on these floors will be more accessible to shoppers. It is understood that stores located in such areas will be more in demand, more attractive and probably occupied for longer periods of time and will not always be available in the desired time period.

    Costs the more attractive the store is and the larger the area, the more expensive it will be.

    Design it must be taken into account that the design of the store affects its visibility and attracts more buyers to enter the store, get an impression and eventually buy. Design costs are affected by the size of the store the type of business, and its goals.

    It may be that your business has a suitable booth!

    In recent years, the trend of booths in the mall is gaining significant momentum, and it can be seen that more and more booths are being added in many areas of the mall. This trend meets the needs of both parties – the mall owners who wish to utilize additional commercial space in the mall and the business owners who wish to reach an additional audience of buyers while reducing the costs of maintaining large stores in attractive and busy areas.

    The advantages of the booth are clear: natural movement of people who are exposed to the products of the booth owners, being in 360 degrees so that the booth can be seen from all directions, making the products accessible to customers, attracting customers who are on their way to another store or those who, if the booth was not in front of them, would not have chosen to enter the store Especially and many other benefits.

    Many business owners, from a variety of fields and occupations, choose stalls over stores, you can find very diverse stalls in the field of food, jewelry, cosmetics, clothing and footwear, grooming and more.

    Thoughtful planning and design of your booth will help you use the space most beneficially and correctly to display as many of your products as possible and attract as many new customers as possible. Our experience and our ability to see the big picture allow us to meet the varied and numerous needs of every business and to make a personalized and optimal adjustments for you and your customers.

    We have designed booths for our clients in the past that allowed them to present their products optimally, utilize the space in the best possible way, bring buyers into the booth if necessary for measurements or adjustments and help them make the customer feel as if he were inside a store and not lose the comfort. In other cases, we replaced the old shelves with modular hanging inside and out, provided a striking and innovative design and planned a presentation of the products at eye level.

    Through our suitable designs, we have given our clients the tools to attract customers, increase sales, please buyers and reduce expenses. We will know how to listen, understand the goal and design an attractive and profitable stand for you. Do not compromise on a smart and correct design of your sales stand.

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