The branding process

Do you want to open a business? Beauty.
Do you have a good, high-quality product, whether it’s a physical product or a service of one kind or another, and you’re sure
you’ll succeed? Excellent
What about your competitors? Are they successful? What do they look like? Why are they successful? What is unique
about them? Is it possible to bypass them just like that?
This is another simple situation because what happens when there are no competitors? How will you market your product? What is he
supposed to broadcast? Who is he addressing? How do you do that?
So that’s it, that’s what we’re here for.

Branding is designed to distill the DNA of your company and make it accessible
to the target audience pleasantly and correctly. So, how do you make it accessible to the target audience? Well, in several ways:
Strategy – in the strategic process, we find main points that comprise all business values. We analyse what each word means at each point and where we want to go. During
the construction of the business branding strategy, we determine what sets us apart, what worldview we
adopt and how we will express it practically and visually.
Visibility – all the visual elements that will be identified with the company, such as: colours, fonts,
careful selection of a photo bank, a particular grid for ads, etc. When we create a rich
and focused visual language and do not scatter, we strengthen the branding presence of our business. Correct visibility
reinforces the brand’s values ​​and worldview.
Differentiation – the so-called USP (unique selling point ). We analyze the industry and find
vital points that distinguish the business from the other competitors in the market. If we do not find anything significant, we can
Think of a move that will move the customer to action by developing a marketing move that will be unique to the business.
Assimilation in the marketing media is an essential part of the business branding process. We
must carefully examine where to advertise and what to present in the advertisement. It is important to advertise in an exact place
that provides a kind of link between the business and its target audience.
Although most people will say that business branding deals mainly with vision words and definitions, we
believe that business branding must include the whole. To reach people not only through words but also through
actions that reinforce everything we want to say.