Colour Meaning in Branding

The colour blue in business branding: blue is perceived as an excellent, reliable colour that can be trusted, linked to the sea and the sky, radiating depth, stability, security,

and intelligence. It helps the soul, relaxes, and slows down the rate of metabolism. A popular colour among financial institutions.

The colour red in business branding: red activates the pituitary gland, an energetic, provocative colour, danger, power, determination, passion, love, and courage. It’s a very striking colour.

The colour green in business branding conveys health, harmony and growth, freshness, calmness, and peace. Spit has healing properties and improves vision. Green has different meanings in its various shades; for example, deep green conveys luxury, while light green conveys calmness.

The colour yellow in business branding: yellow is associated with the sun. Thus, it is associated with optimism, warmth, joy, pleasure and vigour, respect and loyalty. Certain shades of yellow stimulate thought and creativity. The eye notices bright yellow shades before any other colour, a feature well utilized in signage at points of sale. At the same time, excessive use of yellow provokes nervousness.

The colour purple in business branding: Purple is seen as an exciting, sensual, creative, flashy, unique colour, sophistication, spirituality, mystery and the royal family. The purple colour conveys nostalgia, delicacy, and sweetness. Favourite colour to get creativity.

The colour pink in business branding: light pink is perceived as a soft, romantic, sweet, childish, and gentle colour. Dark pink transmits energy, joy, playfulness, excitement, sensuality, warmth, lightness. Recommended colour for fashionable products for women or girls, but not for luxury products.

The colour orange in business branding combines the energy of red and the joy of yellow.

Cheerful colour is associated with abundance, success, joy, fun, vitality, sociability, juice, stimulation, and unique fragrance. Orange increases oxygen consumption in the brain. Works well with food businesses, restaurants, health businesses and beauty salons.

The beige brown colour in business branding: Beige brown conveys simplicity, durability and stability. Natural colour, soft and pleasant. Terracotta brown, a warm earthy colour, rustic, welcoming. Colour is associated with traditional industry due to being similar to the colour of earth.

The colour black in business branding: black is seen as a powerful, elegant, mysterious, brave, classic, heavy, primary, luxurious, and magical colour. It works well with expensive products but can also convey the impression of a rich effect.

The charcoal grey colour in business branding: dark grey is seen as a powerful, professional, classic, expensive, sophisticated, stable, balanced, timeless colour

Silver colour in business branding: silver is seen as a classic, cool, expensive, valuable colour, associated with money (wealth)

The colour white in business branding: white conveys simplicity, cleanliness, and purity, linked to the light of innocence, virginity, safety and cleanliness. The bright white colour catches the eye immediately. Useful in baby and health products.